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The alternative to alt-media

great information in a time when the alt-media has been co-opted, the right have become cultist and the left has fallen off the cliff, the Wisest of all the Wolves Tony, Prime Time Billy the Kid Valentine and the Legendary Donald Jefferies will always report the truth unfiltered with no agenda, they will point out the trojan horses and question the facts presented by the sell out mainstream and the sell out alternative personalities so that you can navigate your way thru the not so great reset

Good show bad audio

Content is really good but the technical audio problems sometimes makes it unlistenable

Usually good

Don and Tony are great. Billy is absolutely insufferable with his TDS. Not sure how he ended up with these guys with his blue anon normie takes.

Good show, wish BRV would get over the Trump obsesss

Great show. Smart people. Billy Ray blames literally everything on Donald Trump, which gets repetitive after awhile.

Charlie sent me!

Anything Charlie Robinson recommends is always as much of a jewel as he is. Glad I found this one.

❤️ Donald J!

His family members don’t know how lucky they are to have such a wonderful person in their family! ❤️❤️❤️

BRV the whole Effin Show

Been listening to infinite fringe since 2019. Will listen to any show BRV and friends are on. Love the views on what’s going on in the world, doing what I can to get the show out there and if it’s sending a 5 star frog splash that’s what I’m going to do!

Amazing! Thought Provoking!

Three of the best in the business, talking freely about everything the mainstream media doesn’t want you to hear. I love these shows!! -ManDeer!!

Dissecting All Sides

BillyRay, Tony, and Don are amazing people who leave no stone unturned in these mean streets. Whether it’s Left or Right, Fiat or Hard Rep, Flat or Round, etc… Everybody Wants to Rule the World and when they have us run in circles it’s a very very Mad World. But these three wise men will have you Head over Heels for more.